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Q&A - 5 questions that will tell you all about mijnobligatie.nl


1. From whom and what is mijnobligatie.nl?

Mijnobligatie.nl is an initiative of OHV Asset Management. OHV is an investment company founded in 1932 that executes securities transactions for individuals, banks, pension funds, insurers, governments and asset managers. Mijnobligatie.nl focuses on Eurobonds with a minimum purchase amount of €1000 and on new bond issues.

2. Who is mijnobligatie.nl for?

If you invest a lot in bonds, you probably notice that your bank or asset manager offers a limited amount of bonds you can trade. Mijnobligatie.nl has access to bond trading platforms and exchanges worldwide and is intended for any investor active in bonds. You can be a private investor or a company that, for example as an alternative to a savings account, wants to invest in bonds. But also a professional investor, who wants to keep abreast of the latest bond issues.

3. How did the idea of mijnobligatie.nl come about?

Trading on the bond markets is becoming increasingly transparent, partly due to the increased use of electronic trading platforms. However, this usually only applies to benchmark bonds. These are bonds that have at least a nominal outstanding principal of €500 million and are therefore often included in funds, indices and ETFs and are actively priced. All bonds that do not belong to this category are much less visible but are no less interesting. Through our wide reach at home and abroad, more transparency and liquidity is realized for, potentially, all bonds.

4. How can I register?

For basic registration you can go to the registration form via the registration button on the homepage. With a basic registration you can create a list of your favorite bonds you want to follow and, if desired, you will receive our Fixed Income Snapshot (morning note) daily by e-mail. By the way, the morning note can also just be found on the website.

5. How do I open an account (mandate or execution-only)?

As a private investor, you can open an execution-only account with one of OHV's custodian banks. You will enter into an execution-only agreement with OHV. We call this a tripartite agreement. This means that OHV takes and executes your orders at a pre-agreed execution rate, while one of our selected banks holds your securities. Opening an execution-only account requires a minimum deposit of €500,000.00. It is also possible that we will manage your bond portfolio in a tailor-made bond mandate. For more information on this, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our account managers.


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